The media industry is facing an ongoing digital transformation that challenges existing business models and leads to fundamental changes in how journalism is produced and distributed. Uncertainty about which innovations are profitable in the short and long term require media organizations to work in parallel with the efficiency of current production and workflow while actively experimenting with new ideas and concepts to develop solutions that can contribute to increased revenues. The action research project OMEN: Organizing for Media Innovation addresses these challenges together with the partner companies Sunnmørsposten (regional), Nationen (national) and Moss Avis (local).


We are inspired by and actively use perspectives like Appreciative Inquiry, Process Organization Studies and theories on generative metaphors and liminality in our work.


We are a collective of researchers who see the need for a knowledge based resource for the media industry in particular, and for organizations facing technological change in general.


We experiment with ethnographic methods, graphic facilitation, and combine an action research approach with knowledge on idea work and collaborative creativity.