What is OMEN Academy?

OMEN Academy is a resource for continuous learning for media organizations, journalists and editors in particular, and for organizations and management in general. The inspiration for this online resource site came from Massive Open Online Courses, so-called MOOCs, designed to democratize knowledge acquisition and learning for everyone across the globe. OMEN Academy is not (yet) a MOOC, but aspires to share and connect tools and practical examples from the media industry with theoretical and analytical insights and advancements in the field of organization and innovation studies. The empirical material builds on five years of action research in the project OMEN: Organizing for Media Innovation, headed by the Work Research Institute (AFI) at Oslo Metropolitan University.

OMEN Academy is designed to take you through three new concepts and tools that address the major issues that haunts the media industry at the moment: Flowline, Glowline and the Idea Propeller. We recognize that these concepts are also applicable to other industries and work situations, and have therefore tried to make the examples and learning points as universal as possible. The theoretical background, methodological innovations and action research that inspired these new concepts are presented under Mindset. Every concept includes practical tools that can be downloaded, empirical examples from newsrooms and short podcast discussions or animations to enable a quick understanding of the main issue at hand and how this knowledge can be applied in your daily work life.